The Game has been working on his new album Drillmatic, which will be out tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had time to keep up with Eminem’s diss track. Game began mocking Eminem in April when he asserted that he was a far better MC than the Detroit rapper.

Hailie Jade, Eminem’s daughter, has suddenly been included in The Game’s dispute with the rapper. Boxer Peter Quillin posted images of Hailie on Facebook on Wednesday, including ones of her wearing a swimsuit. Hailie, the daughter of Eminem, then and now, was written by Quillin. Oh, and she’s 26.”

The Game slipped into the post’s comments. He asked, “Can she rap?” His comment went viral, receiving 3,700 likes and 900 comments. Of course, Game’s trash-talking didn’t sit well with Eminem’s supporters. One supporter continued to make references to Eminem’s spat with Machine Gun Kelly in their message, saying, “Maybe not, but she’s more relevant than you and your career.” You’ll be the next one, just look at the last artist who mentioned Em’s daughter.

For a while now, The Game has been upset with Eminem. He said Eminem was overrated in March. He declared, “Eminem is Eminem, and I like Eminem.” He is a superb MC and one of the best. Eminem used to be superior to me in my eyes. He’s not; he isn’t. Confront it. Months later, he still criticized Eminem, asking, “When have you ever heard Eminem in a club? When was the last time you heard it in the changing rooms? I don’t mean to detract from it by saying that I don’t hear Eminem in the streets. I simply can’t. If Eminem reacts to Game’s most recent taunt, only time will tell.