For reasons that only he knows, Lamar Odom insulted Khloe Kardashian last month.

Khloe and Tristan Thompson are expecting their second child, it was revealed to the public this summer.

Khloe is in an embarrassing predicament. When this one was born, she was unaware of Tristan’s most recent lovechild.

Lamar has already weighed in and said that he might have “helped.”

Lamar Odom’s perspective on his ex-extraordinarily wife’s tangled life was made public this week.

In November most likely, Khloe and Tristan conceived through a surrogate. Maralee Nichols gave birth to Tristan’s third child a few weeks later.

In Woodland Hills, California, at La Belle Vie Med Spa, Lamar said, “She could have shouted at me for that.”

According to Page Six, Lamar’s suggestion to have a child with Khloe was probably just a joke.

The implication is that Khloe is now having two of Tristan Thompson’s children, not just one, and that he is a serial cheater.

Although that is undoubtedly true… Is Lamar the most qualified person to discuss that subject?

Lamar and Khloe were married and more than simply a couple.

The two explored the notion of starting a family together, but they decided against it.

During their former marriage, Lamar battled substance misuse and adultery.

Why does one cheater think they have the right to expose another for cheating?

On the one hand, it gives Lamar the impression that he is unaware of all the consequences of his own acts.

Lamar Odom calling someone out for infidelity is a sign that they are doing something wrong.

Tristan frequently cheated on Khloe. There were a number of incidents, albeit not all of them resulted to a major scandal.

Surprisingly, she kept taking him back, occasionally directing her wrath at other women.

Khloe became obsessed with the concept of providing True with a “picture perfect” upbringing. That implied, in her eyes, keeping Tristan around.

Simply put, the fact that Maralee Nichols was pregnant made their relationship unique. Well, that contributed to it.

We are unsure if she was the first lady he had an affair with while dating Khloe. However, she appears to have given birth first.

What made a difference was the timing—just a few weeks after Khloe and Tristan had a surrogate baby.

Tristan knew that Maralee would be giving birth, so he went through the entire process with Khloe.

He kept the information hidden from Khloe for what seemed like as long as he could, and before coming clean, he even pointlessly denied paternity.

The final straw was that betrayal of Khloe, True, and Baby #2. Well, we certainly hope it was.