In a three-piece capsule, G-SHOCK debuts a brand-new visual design pattern that was influenced by digital noise and static.

Models GA-2100NN-1A, GA-2200NN-1A, and DW-5600NN-1 are part of the Digital Glitch series. The timepieces have a semi-transparent band with a polarized ink design that resembles an electric current that glitches in the middle of transmission. G-futuristic SHOCK’s line channels a fashionable, fashion-forward offering for watch enthusiasts using the most recent print technology techniques.

Each clock features 200-meter water resistance and shock resistance, which are hallmarks of the brand. All three variants have a countdown timer, a 1/100-second stopwatch, a countdown alarm, a double LED light, or an EL backlight. G-multi-angle SHOCK’s printing depositions microparticles that reflect light at various angles to create the distorted static effect. The delicate ink effect and luminous shine of the strap stand out in direct light in contrast to the matte black parts and neobrite lume. The line offers two analog/digital models that provide global time: the eye-catching GA-2200NN-1A in green, which has exposed bezel screws for a tough, athletic appearance, and the octagonal GA-2100NN-1A in purple. The smaller octagon-face digital unit on the blue DW-5600NN-1 offers electro-luminescent backlighting in low-light conditions.

The Digital Glitch capsule is an adaptable entrance point into the brand’s iconic GA-2100 and GA-2200 collections, aside from its distinctive graphic artwork and translucent structuring. Both include high-tech functionality and guarantee that your gear can withstand the erratic demands of your lifestyle thanks to G-unique SHOCK’s Carbon Core Guard structure. The brand’s penchant for rough, tactile design is demonstrated by the Digital Glitch watches; the series is a chic endeavor that combines technology with cutting-edge graphic graphics.

For a deeper look at G-Digital SHOCK’s Glitch collection, see the lookbook up above. Retail prices for some variants range from $140 to $160 USD. Visit the G-SHOCK website to purchase the new watches and to view a summary of the company’s most recent collections.