Chris Rock is a legendary comedian. Some people even rank him as one of the all-time great comedians. He may even be referred to as the G.O.A.T. Or, if you were a fellow comic like Kevin Hart, you would not only lavish praise on your friend and teacher, but you would also find a method to bring a real goat into Madison Square Garden during your joint headlining performance to express your appreciation.

Additionally, you would probably give that hoofer the name “Will Smith” for added comic flair.

That’s exactly what Hart accomplished on Saturday, July 23, when he and Rock performed in front of a packed house at the storied stadium in New York as part of their Rock Hart Only Headliners Allowed tour. They upped the ante by inviting Dave Chappelle to join them on stage.

On Monday, July 25, Hart visited The Tonight Show to share his goat tale and explain his cunning strategy for obtaining Rock’s goat. Jimmy Fallon, the host, wondered how Hart smuggled the four-legged punchline into the stadium after holding up a photo of the three guys smiling on stage with the barnyard baller (who was sporting a few chunky gold chains around his neck).

Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Will Smith (the goat)Kevin Hart’s Twitter

Hart claimed that he informed Chappelle, who would be their surprise opening act, of the joke after the two decided to make it a big night by inviting him. “What do you mean?” he questioned.” Hart recalled Chappelle having a question regarding the livestock joke. “I’m going to go buy a goat.” Hart reassured Dave that it was no big deal when he asked how that could possibly happen.

‘I’m Kevin Hart,’ I said. How am I going to get a goat, exactly? He reassured his pal, “I can get a goat,'” adding that all you have to do is call your “goat person” to arrange it. Once the joke was ready, Hart kept it a secret backstage. During the show’s closing remarks, Hart addressed the goat in the audience.

Hart informed the audience, “You know, you guys don’t know, Chris is a mentor, buddy, and inspiration. “He’s my G.O.A.T., and he’s a big reason why I’m where I am in my job now, just from his counsel, insight, etc. Because he is my guy, I wanted him to know it. Rock “nearly broke down and cried on stage… it was a true moment,” according to Hart, who said the scenario was so emotionally charged.

Hart also acknowledged that more than one brilliant comedian can perform onstage at once, but it doesn’t mean things didn’t get a little messy. In fact, the goat briefly stole the show. Questlove, the Tonight Show bandleader and drummer for the Roots, who was there at the performance, gave the incident its due rim shot as Hart remarked, “The goat took an s-t on the stage.”

It wasn’t planned either; it’s the one thing I didn’t consider, Hart said with a chuckle. “In my head, I imagined the goat performing a fast 2 minutes routine. He s-t on Chris’s sneakers instead. Chris’ shoes were damaged by him. The goat attacked Chris, who was wearing white moon boots.

Although Hart, 43, found it funny, Rock reassured him that there was no space on his bus for hoofed hangers-on. “That s— is not in my care!” As the arena erupted in laughter, Rock yelled. Hart attempted to be sincere in the situation by expressing his admiration for the senior statesman as an icon, but Chappelle quickly responded with a flawless yes… and. He joked, “This is the worst night of this goat’s life.”

Naturally, Rock, 57, was there with his own punchline. He added as the goat ruined his chance to shine with poor comedic timing, “He’s just pleased he’s not in a Jamaican restaurant!” After asking the animal how his first night in show business was doing, Chappelle placed his microphone close to his mouth and pondered what to call the billie.

William Smith! The now-famous event at this year’s Oscars when Smith ran on stage and smacked Rock after the comic made a joke about the Oscar-winning actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was cleverly referenced by Hart.

See a picture of the goat and hear Hart relate the tale in the video below (beginning at 4:10).