Some users are beginning to experience the latest Apple software updates, which include tvOS 15.6, macOS 12.5, iOS and iPadOS 15.6, and watchOS 8.7. The lack of enhancements in Wednesday’s upgrades is not surprising given that the upcoming OS versions are probably due out in a few short months (and beta testers are already using them). Here is what’s new, per the release notes:

  • iOS and iPad OS 15.6 adds the ability to pause, rewind, restart, and fast forward a live sports game in the TV app and fixes a few bugs in Settings, Mail, and Safari
  • macOS 12.5 also gets the update to the TV app and a bug fix for Safari
  • watchOS 8.7 “includes improvements, bug fixes, and important security updates”
  • tvOS 15.6 “includes general performance and stability improvements”

A long number of security upgrades are also included in the updates, some of which fix vulnerabilities that sound rather scary. It’s generally a good idea to update all of your devices as soon as you can, even though Apple doesn’t explicitly state that any of the problems have been actively exploited like it has in the past.

The recurring elephant in the room for these updates is that they may be the final changes before the next version, just like any updates that are released following WWDC. I’d be highly shocked if there were any additional point releases such to iOS 15.7 or macOS 12.6. However, we might see a few more small upgrades to correct issues. This could be one of the last upgrades you ever get for an iPhone 6S, 7, or first-generation SE if you’re still using one because Apple isn’t supporting them on iOS 16.

By selecting Settings > General > Software Update, you can download iOS or iPadOS 15.6.

You can download macOS 12.5 by going to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Software Update.

Your Apple TV and Watch will likely automatically update. If not, you can manually update by following Apple’s instructions, which you can find here for tvOS and here for watchOS.

It can take a while for the updates to become available for everyone, so if you don’t see them, just check back on the screen in an hour or two.