Method Man discusses his conflict with Joe Budden in detail.

Even before he became a full-time podcaster, Joe Budden’s career was rife with disputes. It’s well known that the rapper-turned-media personality and Wu-Tang Clan were at odds. Method Man recently discussed his interaction with Joe Budden in-depth in an interview with Math Hoffa. Meth described how he met Joe at a gathering in Long Island where the two tried to make up before a fight broke out and everyone scattered.

“When I turn around to head back toward the vehicle, someone says, “Joe wants to talk to you.” Where are you? I’ll come over here, then. We proceed behind the van by walking there. Joe, you may not be aware of this, but the entire time you were speaking, I was contemplating snuffing you; nevertheless, at that precise moment, I decided against it because you had said some quite offensive things. I’m not sure what it was exactly word for word and sh*t, but it made me think, “Joe’s a really smart mothafucka,” at that that moment. not checkers, but chess “said he.

Although the Wu-Tang MC claimed that Meth didn’t believe Joe was understanding what he was saying, Meth claimed that he had offered words of encouragement. “It reached the point where I was calling him a “skilled muthafucka.” With all that stupid garbage, you don’t need to go this road. But I’m telling you, if there’s any more nonsense after this, I’m out of options “He continued, saying that Joe went on to conduct an interview where he insulted Raekwon and Inspectah Deck.

In 2009, as Joe Budden was livestreaming Rock The Bells in California, he was struck by a member of Raekwon’s squad. According to the story, Joe was punched, but Meth argued that Joe had actually been smacked. Nevertheless, Method Man thought that the earlier exchange with Joe served as sufficient forewarning to stop something similar from happening.

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