Gun Machine Kelly is not averse to bloodletting.

The 32-year-old musician gave an explanation on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday as to why he struck his forehead with a champagne glass the day before. The incident happened on Tuesday night, following his headlining performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City as part of the Mainstream Sellout Tour.

The singer questioned the host, 48, “You when you clink a champagne glass with a fork to catch people’s attention?” Yeah, I just clinked it on my skull because I didn’t have a fork.

“That’s what they refer to as asking for it in medicine.” While the audience laughed, Meyers made a joke.

The “gfy” singer explained why singing at the venerable arena meant so much to him in the interview.

“My very first piece of music was from New York. As the first rapper to win Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, I never cashed the $45 check; instead, I just kept it in my possession “MGK clarified. He said, “The only thing I said the whole day was ‘we’re at the Garden, we’re at the Garden!'” as he anticipated his performance.

Tuesday night, after his performance, the artist (real name Colson Baker) crushed a champagne glass against his head and spontaneously sang “My Ex’s Best Friend” while blood trickled down his face.

In a clip shared on his Instagram Story, MGK is shown giving a speech, declaring, “I don’t give an s—-,” and then smashing the glass against his face to the gasps of the audience.

And that’s when things started to change. The video was captioned by MGK.

Machine Gun Kelly

The audience, who included his fiance Megan Fox and tourmate Avril Lavigne and her fiancé Mod Sun, can be seen watching MGK perform “My Ex’s Best Friend” while holding a bloody towel while someone offers him a clean one. The caption on the post was, “f—- it.”

Later, the artist departed the gathering with dried blood on his pink suit and face.

The singer of “Papercuts” provided fans with a personal inside glimpse at his life earlier this week through the release of the Life in Pink documentary on Hulu.

MGK talks up about his descent into darkness following the passing of his father in 2020 about the halfway point of the movie.

“In order to get rid of everything, I flew to my father’s residence. This neighbor and I had this really strange contact where he told me all these things that I didn’t want to hear “He speaks in the movie of his father, who passed away one year after the publication of his Hotel Diablo record. “I was even more f—-ed up because I couldn’t put that behind me. It got really, really, really dark and I wouldn’t leave my room.”


He went on, “When Megan left for Bulgaria to film a movie, I suddenly developed a pretty bizarre phobia. Like, I kept having crazy thoughts that I was going to be killed. Every night, I would sleep with a shotgun beside my bed, and one day, I just f—-ing snapped.”

He said, “I called Megan and said, ‘You aren’t here for me.'” “I’m in my room, freaking out on her, and dude, I put the shotgun in my mouth and I’m screaming on the phone and like the barrel’s in my mouth,” the speaker yells. When I try to cock the shotgun, the shell just jams as the bullet rises. Megan is practically silent.


The artist believes the frightening experience was a turning point because it made him realize something was “not right” about how he was feeling.

In another segment of the film, MGK considers the beneficial influence his 36-year-old actress fiancée has had on him.

He remarked, “Megan became like the sun to me – like the one that gives me life and like helps me grow. “It’s similar to every fairytale that you were never taught or told in school. As the chemistry between us is supernatural. I’m sure I’ve met her in a lot of prior lifetimes.”