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1. Experiment In Torture

A wealthy artist with a taste for torture pays a group of unsuspecting exotic dancers to join him for a weekend at his secluded mountain retreat. It sounded like an offer that was too good to be true – and it was.

2. Dark Awakening

Visions of his abusive father drive a man to violence and lead to an investigation by an aging detective with a connected past.

3. No Place Like Home

Twelve years after his parent’s mysterious death, David Stevens and his new family return home to put his dark past behind him. Soon after David’s return, the bloody murderers that took place twelve years earlier began once again. All the evidence point toward David, and slowly he loses the trust of everyone in town, including his new wife Mary. As the past of the town unfolds everyone is under suspicion, doing anything possible to keep their past a secret as well. The gruesome trail of murders continues as this plot-twisting tale of secrets and deceptions climax with an exploding battle with savage killers.

4. Day Of The Dead

Based on true facts, a gang of suburban kids is sport-killing home-less people just for fun in the streets of Chicago. One day, they decide to try a new excitement, by murdering a young Mexican working girl, assuming there would be no consequences since she was illegal. Police detective Carla Moreno takes the case personally and starts an investigation that leads her to a case of racial hatred and police corruption. The father of the victim is allowed into the country with a 15 days humanitarian visa so that he can take his daughter’s body back to Mexico. Detective Moreno is made responsible for the father by the Homeland Security Department. Things get complicated for detective Moreno when the body of the girl mysteriously disappears from the morgue and the father decides to take the investigation into his own hands… and maybe justice as well…

5. Weenie Roast Massacre

A former high school football star starts to notice strange things at the annual weenie roast. As the line between reality and illusion blurs, the only thing you can count on is the body count