Radiant Technologies sees the need to work with an organization that has had such an impact on diverse cultures.  The NFL Alumni has the perfect mission that suits kids’ needs in the community.  

The Radiant team is genuinely excited to begin its journey of supporting positive life-changing efforts in  Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.  The goal is to create a strong network of great opportunities and resources for children and their families

Radiant Technologies plans to lend its reach in tech knowledge to teach and train kids in the field of how to build and develop online business models.  This is not limited to, live streaming technology, app development, and overall business development.  Also Radiant wants to do things that kids like and need most.  And that is to have some good old fashion fun through fellowship and friendship.  The real kind of fellowship, the kind that came before social media.  

The Radiant Team believes even though the company develops technology around the home and other forms of online entertainment, it wants to be responsible to tell kids it’s not good to overindulge in TV, Mobile Devices, Video Games, and or Social Media.

Radiant has now opened its 1st Media Center in Las Vegas that will bind a dynamic cultural experience for everyone that wants to get involved with the overall mission.   
This facility is located in the Southwest region of Las Vegas and is up and running for its first summer of activity.  It is the way Radiant plans to give back through technology mentorship.  So parents if you are interested in getting your kids into some new discoveries this may be ideal for some summer learning and fun.  

Radiant Media is not a non-profit the company is totally focused on giving sound advice to young boy and girls that are inspired to work in the technology field. So each summer kids can get sound advice and leadership direction.  Who knows we might end up with the next tech mogul.  

Ron Scoggins, who is an NFL Alumni and Board Member of the Las Vegas Chapter says, teaming up with Radiant Technologies is something that is much needed in today’s society, this will help the youth to explore something that they use on the day to day from the technology side of things and help them understand what you can truly use technology for. The youth knows how to use the devices which is in a majority of their hands.  Now they can explore how the people in this technology industry make it all come together from the business aspect. Radiant Technologies are trailblazers in their respected field and we are excited they are willing to share their expansive knowledge with kids that are aspiring to become trailblazers in technology themselves.

If you are interested in getting more information contact Ron Scoggins, NFL Alumni Board Member Las Vegas.