General Motors will release an “electrified” version of the Chevy Corvette next year, followed by a fully electric version of the iconic sports car shortly thereafter, according to General Motors President Mark Reuss on CNBC Monday.

Reuss wouldn’t say when the all-electric ‘Vette would be available, but he did say that “this is coming very soon.” In the meantime, the automaker intends to continue selling gas-powered versions.

“This is in addition to the great performance that Chevrolet and Corvette have been known for for many, many years with our internal combustion engine, so it’s an addition to [that],” Reuss explained.

An electric Corvette would almost certainly generate the same amount of excitement and controversy as Ford’s decision to release an electric Mustang. Corvette has long been associated with impressive power and a loud exhaust. A completely silent, instantly torque-y Corvette may irritate some long-time fans, but GM appears confident that it can still win over new customers.

When Reuss says that an electrified version of the ‘Vette will be available next year, he means it. He most likely means a hybrid, possibly a plug-in hybrid with a rechargeable battery. According to a GM spokesperson, the new Corvette, which will be released next year, will “not be a full EV.”

The Corvette would be the latest vehicle to be electrified in the Chevy lineup. GM announced last year that electric versions of the Chevy Equinox and Blazer SUVs would be available. GM released teaser images during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, noting that the Equinox will retail for a suggested price of $30,000 in an effort to drive broader adoption of electric vehicles in the United States. In addition, the company announced plans to release an electric Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

With the introduction of the Silverado, Equinox, Blazer, and Corvette EVs, Chevrolet would be at the forefront of GM’s $35 billion push to electrify its entire lineup by 2040. Furthermore, the company manufactures the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV, the Hummer EV pickup and SUV, the GMC Sierra EV, and the Cadillac Lyriq and Celestiq.

Other Chevrolet vehicles, on the other hand, are being phased out. GM recently announced that it would no longer provide battery replacements for the all-electric Chevy Spark, which was introduced in 2013. After a series of fires forced the automaker to halt production, the company is working to manufacture and replace battery packs in over 140,000 electric Chevy Bolts.