Carrie Underwood’s new single “Ghost Story,” like her 2006 hit “Before He Cheats,” is a declarative revenge song seeking retribution for a disgraced lover. In “Before He Cheats,” revenge manifests as outward, physical anger; in “Ghost Story,” it manifests as spiritual vengeance, as Underwood warns, “I’ll be haunting you, you’ll be wanting me.” “Ghost Story,” the lead single from Carrie Underwood’s upcoming follow-up album to Cry Pretty (2018), is an otherworldly and bewitching ballad that takes revenge in a new direction.

“Instead of smashing headlights, this scorned lover is telling her ex that she will haunt him no matter how hard he tries to forget her,” Underwood explained. “I’ve always enjoyed performing songs that tell a story and evoke some kind of cinematic imagery when heard, and ‘Ghost Story’ is no exception. It creates a mood and a vibe unlike anything else I’ve recorded before.”