Is it better to “woo-woo” or not to “woo-woo”?

That is the question posed by John Jones, who recently launched a petition titled “Stop ‘Woo-Woo’-ing When DJs Play House Music.”

“We get it, even though house music has been around for decades, you finally like it,” Jones wrote. “You don’t have to squawk like a pelican every five seconds.”

Jones is not the only one. Take, for example, this 2018 Reddit post titled “Alternatives to WOOT WOOT/OOH OOH Chant,” for example: “Can’t we as a community think of something more interesting and less simple?” I’m sure we can; I’m just looking for ideas!” KazenOfficial penned this.


Even earlier, in 2015, another Redditor attempted to use the community’s sleuthing skills to track down the origins of the “woo-woo.” It didn’t work out.

“I posted this thinking y’all being veteran ravers would know exactly what it is, but it’s still a big mystery that dates back decades,” the user explained. “Is this something that merely ‘happens?’ Who was the legendary First Douchebag who started this craze? When did it all start? There are so many unanswered questions.”