Google has been liquidating inventory of the current-generation Chromecast with Google TV over the past few days.

Amazon no longer sells new Chromecast with Google TV; instead, third-party vendors will provide comparable products. While the Chromecast remains available for purchase at Best Buy and Walmart, both retailers are presently providing discounts. The uncertainty surrounding the potential introduction of a new model is prompted by the inventory shuffle.

A little over a year has passed since the last updated Chromecast model was introduced. Although Google’s streaming device is updated every two years on average, the company is not obligated to adhere to that schedule.

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A Google spokesperson could not be reached promptly for comment regarding the likelihood of a Chomecast update or its current status on Amazon.

All of this follows multiple rumors that a new Chromecast in conjunction with Google TV is currently under development. 9to5Google discovered a new Chromecast with a Google TV remote in the Android 14 Beta last month. Although very similar to the existing remote, this one features an entirely new layout. The website of 9to5Google features a video demonstrating the appearance of the new remote.

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In January, 9to5Google also discovered an indication of an upcoming Chromecast within the Google Home application. 9to5Google predicts that this forthcoming model will be a more sophisticated Chromecast with faster bandwidth than the current model available in the market. Other than those two details, Chromecast-related news has been scant.

As the current generation of Chromecast with Google TV is removed from Amazon and sales increase at other major retailers, is it possible that a new Chromecast will be released soon? A critical opportunity was overlooked by Google during its Fall devices event, which was predominately devoted to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones.

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Conversely, Google has introduced new Chromecast devices subsequent to more eventful occasions in the past. In order to capitalize on the holiday purchasing season, the organization must expedite the product’s release.

At present, the situation remains uncertain; however, rumors have circulated subduedly throughout the year regarding the possibility of new Chromecasts.


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