The lead single from Philip Selway’s upcoming third solo album, “Strange Dance,” has been made available. Philip Selway is most known for being the drummer and co-founder of Radiohead.

Today’s (9 February) single “Strange Dance” comes after the lead single “Check For Signs Of Life” from October 2022 and the follow-up “Picking Up Pieces” from last month. Selway said in a press release that the song “had a very long gestation” period, beginning with the time that Radiohead was making and touring albums like “Kid A” and “Amnesiac.”

It was the first song from the record to be composed, more than 20 years ago, he claims. It was also the last song on the album to be finished, with the lyrics coming together during the last recording session.

Selway continued by elaborating on the metaphorical “weird dance” that is implied in both the song and the album’s name. According to him, “[it] relates to the kinks we all go through as we try to balance seemingly incongruous aspects of our life, and the connections that enable us in navigating this ambiguity.”

Below, you can hear “Strange Dance”:

Selway stated that the record was made on a “very methodical” scale when it was first announced in October. I wanted the soundscape to be big and tall, yet somehow I managed to get it to wrap around this personal vocal at the center,” he remarked.

The English musician also represented this year’s Independent Venue Week, which ended on Sunday, in other places (February 5). Over the course of the week, more than 300 UK venues held hundreds of concerts and events to honor and promote the nation’s independent live music venues, as well as the people who own, operate, and work in them.

They are passion projects, not something you do for the money, according to Selway. “At the center of that are outstanding cultural events that take place every night of the year around the nation. When I thought back to our time with Radiohead, I realized how crucial they had been to our development.


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