Although Harry Styles is a great figure in the music industry, he has recently become a major player in Hollywood.

Styles has lately joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Eros. He has previously appeared in high-profile movies including Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. However, his upcoming film will give him the chance to showcase his dramatic acting prowess, and the trailer for Amazon’s My Policeman gives us our first glimpse of that. Look at it up there.

Even though the trailer is only a few seconds long and doesn’t really reveal what the movie is about, it does a pretty decent job of building the mood for the picture. This one will be serious and private. My Policeman has a lot of potential because it will undoubtedly reveal a side of Harry Styles that the majority of his fans have not seen before. However, those viewers reportedly will be able to see Styles’ bare rear, so there’s that.

Three major protagonists, Policeman Tom (Styles), Marion (Emma Corrin), and Patrick, will be followed in My Policeman, which is set in 1950s Britain (David Dawson). According to the official story summary, the movie follows them as they battle with “forbidden love and changing social conventions.” Tom eventually marries Marion, but also has a covert relationship with David, according to what we already know about the movie and what we see in the trailer.

The film also features scenes from the 1990s in which the three protagonists are portrayed by various performers. Although it appears like the three went down one route as a result of the events of the 1950s, they will eventually have the chance to address their past.

My Policeman will premiere on Prime Video(releases in new tab) on November 4 after it opens in theaters on October 21. It would appear that Amazon is considering this one as an awards possibility based on the subject matter and the fall’s limited theatrical release.

This is the first of two Harry Styles movies that will be released in theaters soon. Don’t Worry Darling, a new movie starring Styles, Florence Pugh, and Chris Pine and directed by Olivia Wilde, will be released just one month before My Policeman hits theaters. Also starring is Wilde. Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller, thus that movie will provide Harry Styles even another genre to play in.

Harry Styles is truly being given the opportunity to try everything with a variety of projects that are all in quite different genres. He’ll have an opportunity to discover his interests, and viewers will have a chance to decide what kinds of films they want to see Harry Styles in. In a few months, we’ll learn if My Policeman is the start of a successful dramatic film career.