The record-breaking Korean survival drama Squid Game has been renewed for a second season on Netflix.

Within 12 days of its release, the series, which debuted on Netflix last year, had become the most-watched original title in Netflix history.

Two additional announcements on the streaming service’s social media sites today revealed that the show would be renewed for a second season. The infamous doll from the first episode was featured in the first post, with a number two blinking in its eye. “Please take your seats. Prepare yourself. The caption stated, “Greenlight.” “The Squid Game goes on.”

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“A whole new round is coming,” Hwang Dong-hyuk, the show’s director, writer, and executive producer, wrote in a second post. “Bringing the first season of Squid Game to life last year took 12 years,” he wrote. “However, it took Squid Game only 12 days to become the most popular Netflix series ever.”

“A giant shout out to fans all over the world from the writer, director, and producer of Squid Game.” Thank you for taking the time to watch and enjoy our show.”

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Hwang continues to offer more season two details. He wrote, “And now, Gi-hun returns.” “The Front Man is back. Season 2 is on the way. It’s possible that the man in the suit with ddakji will return. Young-boyfriend, hee’s Cheol-su, will also be introduced. Return with us for a brand new round.”

Although this is the first time Netflix has publicly announced the drama’s renewal, co-CEO Ted Sarandos had previously stated during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call in January that it will be renewed for another season.

Hwang has spoken about what fans may expect from season two on several occasions in recent months. He previously announced the return of both Gi-hun and the Front Man in April, and earlier this year he hinted that Jung Ho-yeon, despite her character’s death in season one, could return to the show.

“I’ll do something to bring them back [for] season two,” he remarked of characters who had been killed off at the PGA Awards in March. “Let’s assume she has a twin sister, you’ll see,” he taunted, gesturing to Jung. x