The Game’s snub of G-Unit irritated Jimmy and 50 Cent.

The Game’s feud with 50 Cent has lasted over two decades and shows no signs of abating. The Game met with Fat Joe in April and reiterated that 50 Cent did not put him on. The Game challenged Eminem to a fight, but only because 50 Cent “can’t rap,” according to The Game. Tony Yayo, G-third Unit’s member, has joined in on the never-ending feud, claiming to know where it all began.

Now Game is back to slam 50 Cent once more. Game discussed a high point in his feud with 50 in a recent interview with the All The Smoke podcast. According to him, 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine were willing to pay a lot of money to cease his G-Unit attacks.

“A lot of people are unaware of this… Game stated, “50 and Jimmy Iovine gave me a million dollars to quit shouting G-Unot.” “They bought it and wrote me a cheque.” The G-Unot had to be trademarked. And you remember how, when I was running around with the rat and doing all that nonsense, that nonsense hurt– murdered G-Unit?”

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Game didn’t stop there, describing the collapse of the G-Unit clothing company. He explained, “You stopped seeing the candy cane tank tops and all that st.” “That st died, the whole G-Unit/Mark Ecko thing, the shoes. G-Unit attire was a hot commodity at the time. N*s was decked up with sweatpants, headbands, masks, and everything else… As a result, they had to compensate me. I should’ve asked for more, but they jerks gave me a million dollars. But I’m a hood na, and I’m willing to pay a million dollars to quit speaking this word? What happened to the check? I stopped saying it when they wrote the check.”

The Game/50 Cent conflict appears to be a recurring theme in the hip hop scene.