Everyone knows that adolescents can be nasty, but nowhere was this more clear recently than in a video circulating on social media of a boy being strangled out by a teenage bully.

Check out the awful clip posted on X by MMA fighter Dillon Danis… the video begins with the bully approaching the youngster while someone else films them.

The aggressor then tells the youngster to tilt his head back before placing him in a headlock. The helpless child asks the bully to cease if he says so.

But the bully is determined to choke the youngster, raising him up off the ground with a strong forearm around his neck until his entire body goes limp.

The bully then placed the unconscious youngster face first onto a patch of grass nearby, causing the filmmaker to giggle.

It’s unclear what happened to the three kids after that, as the video abruptly ended. It’s also unclear where and when any of this happened, or whether the officers were engaged.

One thing is certain: Dillon was appalled by the senseless act of violence depicted in the video he posted.

Dillon wrote, “Could have killed the poor child. If we locate his name, I’ll pay for his membership in any local Jiu Jitsu gym.”

He spoke like a true champion!