Demi Moore has opened out about shooting full frontal graphic nudity for her new feminist body horror film at Cannes, and why she did it.

Demi was at a Cannes Film Festival press conference this weekend following the debut of her new film, “The Substance,” and she said stripping down for the role required a lot of vulnerability and rawness, which she believed was necessary to communicate the story.

She thanks her costar, Margaret Qualley, who she says calmed her fears and was an excellent scene partner during the scenes where they had to be completely naked.

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In one especially violent moment, DM participates in a naked, no-holds-barred fight with Qualley, which Demi describes as light-hearted fun BTS due to their camaraderie, despite the vulnerability of the scenario.

At the end of the day, Demi says the film completely pushed her out of her comfort zone… but she knew the explicit moments were required for the picture — and happily, director Coralie Fargeat handled it all with sensitivity, building a common ground of mutual trust.

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“The Substance” is said to address beauty standards, toxic masculinity, and female self-hatred, with Demi returning to the spotlight as Elisabeth Sparkle, a fading youth-obsessed celebrity who turns to a black market narcotic.

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The potion summons a younger, enhanced version of herself, played by Margaret, and it appears that things become heated between her and Demi on camera.

The campy, comic horror created such an impression that it drew an epic 11-minute standing ovation. While Cannes is no stranger to thunderous applause, this one takes the cake: it is the festival’s longest ovation yet this year. There is no release date yet.