A driver was captured early Friday morning after leading Los Angeles cops on a wild chase through the streets and onto the freeway, which ended in a bloody crash.

This incident apparently began in the Santa Monica neighborhood, and while it’s unknown why police officers first attempted to pull this woman over, it quickly became clear she wasn’t going to stop, and the cavalry was called in to apprehend her the further she drove.

The pursuit lasted a long time, and the more chaotic it became, the more news helicopters arrived to film the scene… at one point, it crossed the major 405 freeway.

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LAPD attempted several pit maneuvers to stop this lady, but none were successful in bringing her large white van to a halt — as she proceeded to evade authorities and dodge all of their on-road techniques. As previously stated, it is likely one of the weirdest police pursuits in recent memory.

Anyway, this woman ended everything in complete chaos by doing a U-turn on the freeway and driving down the empty lane into oncoming traffic, which was completely stopped while authorities vacated the area due to the hazard.

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Sure enough, she arrived at the halted cars and crashed into a sedan head-on, followed by a semi-truck, smashing into numerous other vehicles along the way.

That’s when cops swarmed on this woman, who leaped out of her van and climbed atop the truck’s hood before being apprehended and handcuffed. As the TV cameras rolled, it was evident she had suffered terrible injuries, as she was all bloody and jacked up.

Definitely a mug that no one will forget anytime soon… she appears to be quite the character. Anyway, she’s going to jail; no word yet on what specific charges she may face.