Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are among the most widely blocked celebrities on social media, and it’s all because of the Israel-Palestine conflict, among other things.

The two superstars, who are also archenemies, have been losing a lot of followers on Instagram and other platforms over the last few days, which is consistent with a larger trend that is sweeping the internet right now… boycotting celebrities.

You might have heard about this by now, especially after the Met Gala, when the entire campaign kicked into high gear and ordinary people united to block A-listers everywhere.

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The reason fans are unfollowing their favorite celebrities now is primarily due to the situation in Gaza, where there is a continuous battle with much death and devastation… and where many believe Hollywood’s elite have not cast enough light or spoken out in support of Palestine.

According to reports quoting social media trackers, Kim and Taylor have lost the most followers among A-listers as a result of this campaign, which is currently trending on TikTok and is making its way to Instagram.

Now, given that they each have millions upon millions of people following their accounts, it’s rather minor — but the longer it goes on, the more of an impact it may have… which is what these individuals are hoping for in the long run.

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They believe that if these celebrities lose a large number of followers, it will have an impact on how much money they earn for sponsored posts, among other things. To be honest, it’s unclear whether this will work.

Another layer to this is ordinary people demonstrating against class disparities in general — and criticizing celebrities for not using their platform/resources effectively to assist the globe… so there’s that.

In terms of how Kim and Taylor have reacted to the Middle East war, they’ve generally been silent — but Kim recently chirped up and declared everyone deserves to be free after a pro-Palestine demonstrator disrupted her presentation in Germany.

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Kim replied, “It’s fine, ‘Free everybody.'”I sympathize with the Israelis and the Palestinians. I sympathize with everyone. We just want everyone to feel safe and free. Feel safe. Also, be good individuals and treat others with the same respect that you expect to be treated. “These are definitely scary times.”

Taylor, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything — despite the fact that her “Eras” tour movie continued to show in Israel following the Oct. 7 attacks and the subsequent unpleasant fallout.

Both of their replies (or non-reactions) to the turbulence appear to be offending a large number of young people online, and they are now attempting to harm them by reducing their follower count.

Like we said, both ladies are probably unaware of this. Have at it, we suppose. 🤷🏽‍♂️