Halle Berry went all out on Mother’s Day, stripping completely naked to show off her stunning bod — and butt!

Indeed, in a snapshot released on Sunday by her lover Van Hunt’s Instagram page, the actress revealed everything, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Halle has never looked prettier sitting nude on a bedroom balcony, her shapely rump pressed against the metal grill design. You can also see her breast as she stares at the camera and holds the railing with both hands.

Van had a sense of humor about it, saying in the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day from the bottom… of my heart….oh s–t, I wasn’t supposed to post that!” Butt…you have to realize that Thassa is a badass… mutha right there!”

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BTW, if this image appears familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it before. She posted a another photo from what appears to be the same session from April of last year, but this time from the front.

Certainly, no one will dispute with that. Van is extremely lucky to have Halle. The couple started dating in 2022, during the COVID pandemic, and have been together ever after.

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They have children from prior relationships. Halle has a daughter, Nahla, and a son, Maceo-Robert. Van, who is a musician, has a kid named Drake.

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Meanwhile, this week, Halle appeared on the steps of the United States Capitol with a group of senators to highlight a recently proposed law that would provide greater financial support and resources for menopausal research.

Menopause, as most people know, is the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle, which typically occurs around the age of 51, producing mood swings, difficulty sleeping, hair loss, and other symptoms.