Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ… Hailey Bieber is a little more than six months pregnant, so she should be entering the third trimester shortly, and Baby Bieber could arrive by late summer!!!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are expecting a baby, as the couple recently announced… and Hailey appears to be quite far along, since she has a bump.

The Biebers just shared the same thing: a carousel of photos and videos of them doing a photo session in a field someplace, with Hailey clothed in white and her belly visible.

There is no caption for any of the Instagram images; all they did was tag each other, but the message is clear: they are expecting and are overjoyed about it.

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In the video, Justin and Hailey can be seen smooching, while the accompanying photographs show Justin acting as photographer during the pregnancy session. His pastor is also present, thus it appears that they may have repeated their vows during this time.

Remember, the last time we saw Justin and Hailey together was a few weeks ago in Hawaii, when they appeared cute and happy. People spotted Hailey’s flowing, loose dress, and some suspected that she was pregnant at the time.

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We now know she was 100%… a well-kept secret. Also, this could explain why Justin recently shared selfies of himself crying—with this news, it appears those were tears of joy.

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They’ve been married since 2018… and we know they’ve talked about having children and trying for a long time. Now it appears that they are expecting a baby Bieber… get ready, y’all.