We have another Kendrick Lamar diss track to come with “6:16 In LA,” but most of us haven’t even finished enjoying “euphoria” yet. ]

Furthermore, one of the wildest bars there drew attention to YNW Melly’s ongoing double murder case, in which he is accused of murdering two of his buddies. While the case is still ongoing and he has not been convicted, K.Dot makes a reference to it when alluding to J. Cole and Drake: “I pray they my real friends, if not, I’m YNW Melly.” It was one of the sharpest lyrical passages on the album, with added punch for naming another rapper, albeit a contentious one.

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Ynw melly mom jamie tells her and melly reactions to Kendrick Lamar mention on Drake diss euphoria “That’s crazy .. im appealed “ ” am I Melly’s girlfriend “ #ynwmelly #drake #kendricklamar

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Furthermore, YNW Melly responded to this bar from the previous TDE MC. “”Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite artists, so I feel honored and outraged… “I’m a household name, just for the wrong s**t,” he told TMZ. Furthermore, journalist and media figure @LorenLorosa on Twitter spoke with Melly’s mother, who expressed similar sentiments. She stated that, even though the bar assumes a level of conviction that is not yet present, Kendrick still deserves to be recognized as one of the greats, and that getting a name-drop from him with a great bar is still significant.

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Elsewhere, the two women discussed how YNW Melly turned himself up to police about six years ago, revealing the tortuous backstory behind the Kendrick Lamar bar. The Florida MC’s mother commented on how unfair the case has been thus far and how it has altered public perception of the musician. She did, however, point out that Drake had screamed Melly out during an interview a few years ago, before he went to jail. As a result, both MCs plainly believe he deserves the spotlight.

Meanwhile, while YNW Melly was left out of this fresh Kendrick Lamar attack, DJ Akademiks was not. He recently replied to the song’s name-drop in a funny way, as we would expect from Ak. We’ll see what the hip-hop community has to say about these disses and beef in general. Everyone appears to want in on this, but Melly and his family are among the few who have a legitimate cause to do so.