Suge Knight questioned Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and The Game’s relationship with Diddy in the most recent episode of his Collect Call podcast on Monday night.

In doing so, he accused the musicians of belonging to a secret club alongside the disgraced Bad Boy mogul. Diddy has faced multiple sexual misconduct allegations, the most recent being from Lil Rod.

“Once they start painting they fingernails and wearing women’s clothes, they got you,” he went on to say. “I remember when they were presenting Puffy an award at the ASCAP Awards, Andre went up there and grabbed him an expensive watch and presented it to him in front of everyone. He basically expressed his love for this man. Then Puffy and Snoop became best friends. When you see one, you see the other. Next thing you know, they’re painting their nails. “That didn’t make sense.”

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He went on: “[The] Game purchased Puffy a Lamborghini when Puffy had more money than Game. Why are you buying this man a Lamborghini? You know your homies don’t even own a Lamborghini. But once again, it’s the hidden society. For things to work and be fixed, they have to start from scratch in these major record companies and large buildings. They need to get rid of everyone who was involved with the poison and the snake.” Check out his complete thoughts below.

Lil Rod filed a lawsuit against Diddy late last month, accusing him of making unwelcome advances, offering tainted beverages at his gatherings, and much more. In a response to TMZ, Diddy’s lawyer aggressively refuted the lawsuit’s allegations.