When Mo’Nique made her much-awaited return on Club Shay Shay, she called out a few of her peers for prior transgressions.

She made fun of Tiffany Haddish, Oprah, Tyler Perry, and other celebrities. She even mentioned that she was ignored by Kevin Hart, saying that he ceased corresponding with her when the entertainment world blackballed her for disclosing her experiences.

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Mo’Nique claims that she and Hart had enjoyed a strong friendship, and that he even helped her and her family out financially as they were attempting to get back on their feet. She claims that he made the offer to collaborate with her on a project so that she could resume employment, which she believed to be ideal given that she was attempting to get her talk show back. “That shouldn’t even be a concern,” she remembers Hart telling her. “I will work with you as a partner on whatever you want to undertake. Together, we will executive produce. Simply tell me what you want to do.”

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“Good sh*t, Kevin, I said. since we’re attempting to reclaim our talk show and we have an agreement with Endemol,” she says. Sadly, though, events didn’t turn out the way she had anticipated. Her hopes were quickly crushed when she told the company she was working with that Hart would be involved; they were thrilled to have him on board. Hart’s manager allegedly told her that Hart wasn’t interested in working with her when she received a call from Endemol.

When she later called Hart to tell him what had transpired, he assured her that there had only been a “miscommunication.” He never got back to her, even though he had promised to talk to her later in the week. That was two years ago, according to Mo’Nique.