CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Meta talked about when and how generative AI will be included into its products during the company’s Q1 earnings call.

On the call, he said, “The main thrust of our AI work is foundation models to enable a lot of new use cases, including generative AI.”

“Every single one of our apps and services will be impacted by the work that is now being done. And I can’t wait to start shipping more of the products we’ve been developing in the upcoming months.

According to him, the business is investigating graphic creative tools for future video and multimodal interactions, as well as ads and posts on Facebook and Instagram. In an earlier interview with Nikkei, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth hinted to generative AI-powered ad creation tools.

Because of ChatGPT’s success, generative AI has become a popular technology trend, inspiring businesses of all sizes to consider incorporating it into their platforms. Researchers were first introduced to the LLaMA AI language model by Meta earlier this year, but the company has not yet made ChatGPT-like software available to the general public. However, Instagram Reels now feature AI-powered recommendations.

According to a Reuters article, Meta’s late adoption of AI-friendly gear has left the company trying to catch up. The business has been investing around $4 billion in capital projects to upgrade its AI system every three months.

Utilizing AI has already helped Meta’s business in some ways. According to Zuckerberg, Reels suggestions backed by AI have increased Instagram time by more than 24%. As a result, Reels’ monetization effectiveness has increased by more than 30% on Instagram and more than 40% on Facebook quarter over quarter.

Don’t classify this as a departure from the metaverse, though: According to Zuckerberg, generative AI will make it simpler for people to build avatars, items, environments, and code, supporting the company’s multi-billion investment in mixed reality experiences.

More importantly, Zuckerberg is putting WhatsApp’s B2B customer support business at the center of his generative AI strategy.

Additionally, he predicted a “very interesting convergence” between some AI agents used in messaging and business messaging.

There will be a lot more firms that can afford to have someone chatting with customers once you open up the option for tens of millions of small enterprises to have AI agents operate on their behalf.


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