Prophecy Onasis CEO of Radiant Technologies believes there will be more streaming platforms than ever before created by companies that will allow them to control their own narrative.

The main reason for this streaming explosion is that it is now far less expensive than ever before to build out streaming solutions, and technology has advanced dramatically. When companies like Ustream were ahead of their time and PodCast didn’t have its newly founded name embedded in the marketplace, there were pioneers who led the streaming industry who are no longer in business because they were too early in the game.

Prophecy Onasis

You can now appear and perform live events as if they were nothing. However, there is one disadvantage. It is typically controlled by someone who moderates and/or shadow bans the content that is made available to the public. People are fed up with being restricted in what they can say and do on any form of media. People are becoming more aware and fighting for the right to express themselves.

As a result, there will be a third coming and a significant increase in streaming and social-based companies. They will range from small to large. As a result, laws will be enacted to regulate online commerce and streaming in order to control the known woke movement. This will allow for much more freedom of speech, and people will not devote all of their attention to the same streaming and social giants as they have in the previous 20 years.

According to Prophecy, companies were going micro-social and streaming at the time. They were ahead of the curve but they were too early. Web 4.0 will come and stay. And suggest that it is critical to investigate what is being said here for several reasons.

The main reason is that data, whether large or small, is the most valuable asset that can be gathered, and if you don’t control it, you can’t monetize it. And the moment you stream or share content on an open-source user-generated platform, you technically no longer own the content.