Michael B Jordan has provided eager fans with an update on how I Am Legend 2 is coming along.

Will Smith has been a household figure in Hollywood for decades, having made numerous classic films.

One such masterpiece is 2007’s I Am Legend, which was announced last year to have a sequel in the works.

The first film centered on Smith’s character, Robert Neville, a scientist striving to discover a cure for an illness that has nearly wiped out the human species. Not only does the disease kill humans in large numbers, but those who survive are transformed into terrible creatures known as dark seekers.

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Spoilers ahead, but the film closes with Neville discovering a cure and recognizing that those’monsters’ are not only brainless creatures who see him as a mythical monster who kidnaps them for his experiments.

There is no indication on the sequel’s narrative, but Michael B Jordan has been confirmed to star opposite Smith.

Speaking to People Magazine on June 5, the actor revealed that he and Smith are now working on the story.

“We’re still working on the script and getting that up to par,” Jordan stated.

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“There’s no release date or anything like that. I’m not sure where we’ll be filming that one, but I’m quite happy to be in front of the camera beside him.

“Being someone I’ve looked up to for a long time, the opportunity to work with Will is something I’m very excited about. “I’m very excited.”

Smith told ET in May that the couple were making good work on the picture despite the fact that filming had not yet begun.

“We had a couple weeks together about a month ago, I think it’s looking good,” he remarked.

“[We have] some very solid concepts. I think we’ll make it on screen together. That person is telling the truth, so I would love to do that.”

Last year, Smith also addressed one of the most pressing concerns among fans.

In the theatrical version of the film, Smith’s character dies at the end.

To compensate for this, the sequel will continue from the alternate ending in which Smith’s character lived.