Drake has represented his OVO gang since the beginning.

He’s called out members by name and complimented their commitment on classic songs like “No New Friends” and “No Friends In the Industry.” However, the Kendrick Lamar conflict shook the OVO camp to its core. On “6:16 In LA” and “Meet the Grahams,” the Compton rapper frequently questioned the devotion of God’s six closest pals. Drake attempted to refute these charges in his own diss, but he addressed them again in a new Instagram post.

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Drizzy returned to the social networking platform on June 5th. He shared a series of images of himself smoking, drinking, and presumably working on new songs. In terms of Drake posts, they are rather standard. The caption drew the most attention. Instead of hinting at a release date or his upcoming collaboration with Camila Cabello, the rapper refuted the idea that his OVO gang is sucking up to him. “The only yes man around me is my Rolex dealer,” he stated. Drake appears to be wearing a Rolex watch in the photographs, although it is not the main emphasis. The rapper simply felt compelled to inform followers that the individuals working around him are heterosexual.

The caption appears to refer to Kendrick Lamar’s aforementioned diss recordings. The rapper made it appear as if Drake’s people were plotting his demise, particularly on “6:16 In LA.” “Have you ever thought that OVO is workin’ for me,” he said. “You have a hunnid n**gas on salary, and twenty of them want you as a casualty… Two of them are nearly sick of your lifestyle. Just don’t have the audacity to tell you.” The concept reappeared in “Meet the Grahams.” However, in a far more accusing context. “He got sex offenders on ho-VO that he keep on a monthly allowance,” he said. “A child should never be compromised, and he keeps his child with them. And we have to teach our daughters that there are predators like him around.”

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Drake attempted to refute these charges once before on “The Heart Part 6.” He claimed he sent phony information to Lamar via his crew, who were still on his side. “My Montreal connections stood up, then fell down,” he explained. “The people you’re getting your stories from are all clowns. “I am a war general with experience in preparation.” Interestingly, just minutes after posting the “Rolex” photographs, the 6 God removed all of his Lamar disses on Instagram.